Here are some frequently asked questions pertaining to the mobile application.

How do I book mark or pin the app to my home screen? While phones/devices differ, you should be able to book mark the mobile app and pin it to your home screen where it will act just like an app purchased from an app store.

Can I use the mobile app from any mobile device? Yes. Any smart phone, tablet or other mobile device that has a modern browser will support the real time mobile application.

Can I bookmark a station? Yes. After selecting a station, simply click on the "Add to my stations" link under the station code on the station details page. When you visit the application in the future you will be redirected straight to your list of favorite stations.

I lost my favorites. Where did they go? If your favorites are gone it is likely a result of your phone browser being cleared. We use cookies to mark your favorites, so you will need cookies enabled to set favorites.

Can I have more than one favorite? Yes. You can have up to 20 favorite stations.

I want to reset my favorites. How can I do that? You can remove a station from your favorites by selecting the "Remove from my stations" link located under the station code on the station details page. You can also reset your cookies and favorite stations by clearing your browser's cache and cookies.


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