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GIS Overview:

The GIS Application provides access to NERRS reserve boundaries, related watershed boundaries, and high resolution reserve habitat maps. These products are available as either KML files for us in Google Earth (GE) or shapefiles (SH) for use with ESRI or other GIS software packages. NERR System-Wide Monitoring Program station locations are also available in KML file format.

To download any of these GIS data products, please proceed to the “Choose Data Type” tab and make your selections.

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We require a valid email address in order to deliver your data files. In an effort to ensure data integrity and provide our users with authenticated data, the Centralized Data Management Office will contact you via email in the event of data correction with detailed information regarding the issue. These corrections occur infrequently. For statistical and accuracy purposes the Centralized Data Management Office tracks all users that download data from our website. We will use this information to help develop and improve our online services and data delivery. This information, including your email address, will not be shared with outside parties.