National Estuarine Research Reserve System

Centralized Data Management Office

Welcome to the CDMO's Advanced Query System. Choose the type of data query you would like to perform below and proceed to select your data by region, Reserve, data type, or station.

If there are no data available for the time period selected, parameter columns will be empty. Please note that programs like Microsoft Excel have file size limits and may not be able to open the files returned in large queries.

Zip Downloads

The ZIP download option is ideal for mass downloads. The data you select will be delivered as yearly files and bundled along with the associated metadata into a single zip file. There are currently no limits on the amount of data you can download with this option.

Choose ZIP Files

Custom Query

The custom query option allows you to combine data from multiple water quality and weather stations in the same file. Nutrient data remains separate, but may also be combined into one file from multiple stations. In addition, this query allows you to select specific parameters within the datasets. Custom queries are limited to 70 stations.

Choose Custom Query

Merge Data Query

The merge option allows you to combine water, weather, AND nutrient data in the same file. Nutrient data time-stamps are adjusted to the nearest 15-minute interval and all data types are merged into the same row based on their 15-minute time-stamp. When multiple nutrient samples exist for the same adjusted time-stamp, the data will appear in additional rows and the water quality and/or weather data for that time-stamp will be repeated. Merge queries are limited to 52 stations.

Choose Merge Query